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Transitions in Nursing Is Changing – Here’s How

Transitions in Nursing Is Changing – Here’s How

Change is a good thing. Through change we grow and develop. There is NO OTHER WAY.

Well, Transitions in Nursing is in Transition. No pun intended. (I just had to write that).

But things are-a-changing. Here’s how:

I am re-focusing the articles, podcasts, and videos here on the site. The overall theme will still be helping nurses in transition. But most  of the site will be geared towards 3 main topics:

*Career tips (alternative specialties, self-education, etc)

*Clarity (getting clear about your nursing and life goals)

*Cash flow (creative ideas for earning extra income)

It is always my goal to bring you informative tips and insights, without the boring industry jargon.

In the coming weeks, you may notice visual changes also. Ya, I am breaking the site a bit. Everything should still function well while we make the changes (fingers crossed). But things will look a little different. It’s all for the better. Plus I just love changing things up. Monotony encourages mediocrity. Yup, you can quote me on that.

What do you need to do?

Nothing. Just sit back , relax, and check back in for updates. Or make it super easy on yourself, by signing up in the SUBSCRIBE box on the right. You will receive updates straight to your email inbox. Isn’t the internet like magic?

That’s all for now. Wish me luck.



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