Up-level your career, your income, your life

Shattering soul-sucking myths about nursing careers:

Myth#1: all nurses do the same work.

Myth#2: our salaries limit the amount of income we can earn.

Myth#3: if we dislike our jobs, we don’t have options for change.

Okay, maybe soul-sucking is a slight exaggeration. But all 4 of these are ABSOLUTE-SPECTACULAR-NON-TRUTHS (AKA BIG FAT LIES). And transitions, my dear dah-lings, is here to prove that to you.

I help nurses make big positive change.

Changes in…





This is not about surviving.

It’s about thriving.

About Me

Meet: Alicia-joy Pierre, RN

Likes: rain drops on roses (seriously) and curling up with a good book (I am a proud nerd)

Loves: 80′s tunes, personal development, adventure travel, skating.

My nursing background: I became a nurse in 2005. My first job was a night shift position in Med Surg for a Non-Profit Hospital. Although I learned a lot and had some moments feeling very rewarded for helping my patients, I was not happy.

Over the years I positioned myself extremely well and landed a number of what would be considered very good nursing jobs (from bedside nursing to case management to nursing informatics). I usually always worked 2 jobs so a few of my positions were held concurrently (working full time at one place, while per diem someplace else).

I was searching for that “fit”.

My coaching background & what led me to helping you now:

After trying different positions, I did a lot of coaching and soul searching. The one thing I could not deny was that there was something inside me that was driving me towards independence. I knew I wanted to use my nursing background more independently. But I had NO CLUE of what I could do. In my spare time I studied and became certified in so many things. From career coaching, executive coaching, teaching, you name it. Yes, I am an avid learner. Always have been.

Somewhere in the mix I found out that nurses could write and get paid for it. I had always loved writing so it felt like a fit.

For 2 years, I freelanced on the side while working at my nursing job. It wasn’t long before fellow nurses started asking me what I was doing “on the side” and how they could do it. At that point I dug up the material I had studied on career coaching and started helping friends and coworkers for free.

It was fun and especially rewarding when they started getting results.

Why do I do what I do now?

Because at one time, I was were you are right now:

Not completely content with your career


Not willing to settle 

Wondering if there are other, creative ways to leverage your skills and income to earn more income
Searching for answers to feel better about your career…your life.

Maybe you have

….thought about changing positions

….dreamed of work you enjoy

….wondered if it is possible to feel vibrant, fulfilled, and on purpose

….wanted to earn more income

….been feeling overwhelmed. anxious. under-appreciated. overworked.

If this sounds like you, then enjoy the articles, videos, and audios I have created to help you.