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I could go on and on about how fabulous my products and services are, but that would be yucky and off putting (even for myself).

On a more authentic note, here are what I call love notes. Love notes are testimonials and feedback from my audience, clients, customers. I can’t thank everyone enough who sends me love notes. It literally fuels me (especially on the days I feel overwhelmed or doubt something I am creating – yes it happens).


And if you have found value in this website, the emails, or any of the free or paid products I share, please feel free to simply enter your feedback in the form at the bottom of this page.

Without further ado…..here are some of my love notes (I think I just like writing the words “love notes” over & over:)   )

Hi Alicia-joy, I wanted to tell you about a recent interview I went on for a job. When I have been to interviews in the past, I am usually very nervous. But this time, I had prepared by reading your report twice and I didn’t feel nervous. I felt so ready for the interview that I surprised myself. I felt ready for every question they asked me and the whole interview was easier than any I had been to before. Thank you for preparing this great report – Jonia Odenier, LPN Sunrise, FL


“I read your blog after I resigned from my job. I had been a staff nurse at the same hospital for 6 years.. I was soooo stagnant in my career that I began to give up. I knew that I had leadership potential and was an excellent nurse. I read your blog and began applying those interview techniques and believing  in myself that I was both capable and qualified! I left in Oct. 2012 and today I am now a Clinical Nurse Manager!! Yay Me !!!Thank You!! This is a wonderful site and you truly inspire others to be their best!!!”

- LaReshea, Clinical Nurse Mgr, DC, USA


Hi Alicia-joy, I would like to thank you for the phone conversation we had. The conversation meant a lot to me and has changed my life for the better. Since we have spoken, I evaluated somethings inside of me and have came to the conclusion that I will follow my dreams. At first it seemed as if this dream was just that, a dream, that was only possible for the rich, but after doing some research, I ran into some people who have done it. Again, I will like to thank you and I will surely keep you posted. Thanks kindly,

Trista Overby, RN BSN Atlanta, GA


All of your products are of top quality and are HIGHLY useful to me! You truly are a prolific product creator! So glad I stumbled on your site!

-Mallesha Malcom, NY, USA





“Hi Alicia-joy, I so appreciate your newsletter, advice and tips. The newsletter and podcasts I have listened to have expanded my perception.” Ro Gordon, RN Houston, Texas


Alicia has been an invaluable source of support as my nursing career & business coach.  Her expertise in the intricacies of business development and marketing is exceptional.  My business is more effeciently run, and has grown as a direct result of Alicia’s coaching.

–Averel Carby, RN



“Alicia-Joy has helped me so much. Now I have an amazing career opportunity that I didn’t even expect to find.” -Sherry M.,RN BSN, Boca Raton, FL


“For several years I dreamed of becoming a nurse entrepreneur. I got so caught up in reading, learning and surfing the internet I was actually doing NOTHING and going NOWHERE.  I thought maybe I could do it on my own. But we are nurses, not business people.

One day I stumbled upon one of Alicia’s websites Transitions in Nursing. I emailed Alicia and she emailed me back. She offered a phone session and during that session Alicia gave me hope and support to make my dream reality.

After that I started coaching with Alicia. With Alicia’s help and support I have developed a real business. She gives me resources, information, holds me to be accountable for my business and motivates me when I feel discouraged. I am now in the Mastermind group also. I could not have gotten this far in my business without Alicia. If I had to do it all over again, the only thing I would do differently is start coaching with Alicia sooner.”

-Sharonda Hankerson -A.S.E.T. Consulting Services, Inc. RN, BSN, MSN Fort Launderdale, FL



I found Alicia through twitter and as fate would have it I was in the process of wanting to write an eBook but not sure how to get started. She had an eBook for sale on how to write an eBook, just at the right time, is that fate or what! This eBook has helped me to put my thoughts in a logic order, to stay organized and focused. I love the tip about not doing your research all at once, doing it as you go, this avoids being overwhelmed. That is just one of many little tips you’ll get from this read. So, if you’re planning to write an eBook and not sure how to get started or better yet if you are a nurse, this eBook is definitely for you.

Tina Lanciault RN   Follow Tina on  twitter @ http://twitter.com/tinalancio

Website/blog  -  http://differenttypesofnursing.com


“Getting my nursing tracker, I have felt so organized and in control. It is one of my absolute favorite tools. I recommend it to all of my friends and co workers who are nurses. I love it!” -Karleen Taylor, LPN West Palm Beach, FL


“Thank you for such an awesome design of the Nursing Tracker it makes my life much easier, now all my important papers and information can be found in one place and I am much more organized, thanks to your nursing tracker”. -Norma C., RN BSN, Palm Beach Gardens, FL


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