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So You Hate Your Nursing Job but You Can’t See a Way to Make a Change? – Podcast#01

So You Hate Your Nursing Job but You Can’t See a Way to Make a Change? – Podcast#01

If you dislike your current nursing job, this may sound familiar to you:

  • You arrive at work and can almost immediately start to feel a heavy weight upon you
  • You spend hours of your day wondering whether there is some other way you can earn money that you would enjoy
  • You like the profession of nursing but dislike your job/specialty/unit/managers/etc
  • Etc.
I won’t go into my beliefs about how doing what you dislike is a disservice to everyone around you. I am sure you have heard me say it before and you probably already know it deep down. But how do you make a change when you have no clue of what to change to?
When you decide to make a nursing career change, you need to come up with a plan for change. But how can you plan what you don’t know? Before you create a plan to get you from A to B, you first need to find out what B is. Where you are going.
I recorded an audio to help you.
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Since this is a Podcast recording, you can either listen to it by clicking PLAY below, or you can subscribe to the free Podcast on iTunes that way you won’t miss any of these juicy podcasts and you can listen while you are driving/commuting/exercising/etc. Here is the iTunes link http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/transitions-in-nursing/id535710901

I am really excited about this podcast. I will be interviewing experts and providing tons of actionable tips and advice for taking your nursing career to the next level.

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