Up-level your career, your income, your life

Do you want to know how to find and land a job using social media?

Times change. Technology changes. Job search changes.

The fact that stuff changes is obvious. I am not going to insult your intelligence by explaining that any further. Just think about nursing just 10 years ago compared to today. We use different tools and equipment right?


So why are you still trying to use the same tools to get a job?

If you are faxing and emailing your resume, and visiting job boards, I can guess that your success rate is low. Wanna know why? Because everybody else is doing the same thing as well.

What does that mean? You are literally a needle in a haystack. You are one person competing for a limited number of jobs against hundreds, and thousands of other nurses.

Not to mention that 70% of all jobs, are never even advertised, or listed on job boards. YES, 70%.

So what’re you to do?

Set yourself apart

Get different results by doing something different

Find jobs that aren’t even advertised…in other words…no competition

How can you do that with social media

like Twitter and Linked In?

I am going to show you exactly how. Did you even know that www.twitter.com has a powerful job search function? I am guessing you didn’t. Don’t feel bad. Most people don’t know that either, and THAT’S exactly how you are going to set yourself apart from everyone else.

Before I became an entrepreneur, I used to receive messages from recruiters and hiring personnel on www.LinkedIn.com. The first time it happened, I was surprised how little I had done to actually generate interest. I had simply created a profile specifically geared towards the position I was looking for. But that is one basic factor of using Linked In. It goes way deeper and the many powerful ways to use this platform are staggering.

And that’s just a tip of what I will cover in this multi-media course. The course is delivered in the form of a report and videos where you actually see my screen as I walk you through the steps of using social media for career positioning.

I am toiling away creating this course (love that word…toiling).

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