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A Powerful Life Skill & Extra Income For Nurses Part 2- Podcast 06

I used to feel like a nursing skill maestro. Like an expert. A Don. After getting through the first (tough) years of nursing, I reached a point where I felt…..well…..like I know my ‘stuff’.


But after a while I finally felt like I had mastered the most important nursing skills and felt confident and competent. Then a series of events led me to the shocking realization that I hadn’t mastered one of the most powerful life-and career- skills that exists.

Fast forward 4 years and a TON of experiences (that no school could ever teach) and here I am now. And I am about to share with you that VERY same powerful skill that changed my career and life. Find out what it is in today’s Audio Podcast. 

This Podcast also features another Extra income idea for nurses. If you’ve been following along, I kicked off a series of episodes to share guidance and inspiration to help you start earning income independent of your J-O-B. Hot stuff! Hope you are enjoying the series.

Click PLAY to listen, and then share with me in the comments if you want to earn extra income. Ask me any questions you have or share the next step you are going to take to make your purse (or wallet) a little fatter (because a heavy wallet is not such a bad thing).

Listening time: Less than 12 minutes

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Mentioned in this episode:

  • The most unique and comprehensive Nurse Writer Training Program that exists. This training walks you through 5 different ways you can use your nursing background to earn income from home. Yes ladies & gents, it’s all about writing for the internet (which means you don’t even have to do hair and makeup, don scrubs, or even get out of your jammies- you can do it right in your home).
  • Nurses AND radio AND laughter, oh my!!! I will be a guest on the phenomenal internet radio show RNFM Radio on 9/30/13 @ 9pm ET. Join us! It’s going to be a blast. If you can’t join live, all episodes are recorded. What’s that you say? Never tuned in to RNFM Radio before? Well, you’re in for a treat. If you have tuned in before, you already know it’s a hot spot of inspiration, information, and fun.

  • Got vision? Lori Radcliffe does and she’s sharing. Woohoo! I recently interviewed Nurse Visionary Lori ‘Miky’ Radcliffe, Fitness Nurse Consultant about that exciting nursing specialty that she is pioneering. You can listen to that interview here: http://mynursingbusiness.com/.




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  1. Alicia,
    Great podcast! There are so many nurses out there doing health and wellness coaching, it is a perfect fit as you share on your podcast! Thanks for offering unique and fun ways for nurses to create the work that they love. I always say that if we don’t love our roles and we’re not having fun, we aren’t living a life of total well-being. I loved this!

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