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Toddlers, Highways, and the Dangers of Complacency

Toddlers, Highways, and the Dangers of Complacency

She is one. Already.

My beautiful, bubbly, bright niece celebrated her 1st year in this world (with pink and white cake covering her face, tiny fingers, and her princess dress).

Her birthday party was just a few months ago.

This weekend, I went to visit her and found myself surprised (again) by just how much they grow….so fast.

Since her party, she is now ambling around unaided, babbling incessantly, and proclaiming ‘BRAVO’ with a big smile every time something exciting happens (which for a 15 month old, happens a lot).

Moments like this often make me think. A lot.

Even though I didn’t see her for a few months, she was still growing, babbling, learning away.

Whether I was there to witness her events or not.

Life goes on.

Highways & byways

So I am driving home from seeing her and I take the highway (it’s a long boring drive by the way)

And again, I am thinking about how cute she is and how much she has grown.

Before I know it, I am near my exit. To the point where I almost miss it.

How did that happen? I didn’t even notice the drive I was so busy in my head. I was on auto pilot.

I didn’t notice the huge isolated house that sits alone off of the highway about midway. That house always makes me wonder: who lives there?

I didn’t notice the cows grazing on the sides of the road that I usually wave at (ya, I wave at cows. Am I the only one?)

Here’s the thing:

Whether we pay attention to the shifting landscape or not, it is shifting.

Life.  Keeps.  Moving.  Even if you do not.

Are you on auto-pilot?

Ever worked a shift and felt you were on auto-pilot?

How about a week of shifts that you can barely remember the details. “Same stuff, different day”, right?

Do your days, weeks, months, years seem to blend into each other?

Maybe you have goals that aren’t being reached? Or places you would like to visit? Or changes in your career and life  you have thought of making?

But if you are an auto-pilot, complacently ambling from one day to the next, you get into a zone.

And you stay there.

Like your bed on a crispy cold morning…..It’s warm, familiar, comfortable…


While you  remain in that zone, the landscape, scenery, and most importantly TIME, is shifting by. Whether you act or not. 

So what dreams, goals, desires, change have you thought about making?

What CAN you do?

Understand that the longer you stay in complacency zone, the stickier that zone gets. It becomes real hard to finally DO SOMETHING.

So what can you do today?

Without doing anything drastic, decide today to commit to making ‘it’ happen.

Everything happens in steps.

Let’s say you want to start exercising & eating healthier. Don’t go overboard instantly with a plan that you won’t be able to keep up.

Start with one step and build momentum. What one step can you take today? Go for a walk, substitute a heavy meal with a salad, etc

Nursing career or specialty change on the brain? You don’t have to go wild and hand in your notice today (I am NOT advocating anything like that). Instead, just start researching alternatives, talking to people, updating your resume. Or at the very least, put it on your calendar to do something.

Once you take a step. Just one step. You are boldly making your way AWAY from the danger zone.

And that, my dear dahlings, deserves a huge BRAVO!!!!!


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2 Responses to Toddlers, Highways, and the Dangers of Complacency

  1. Wonderful post! I can only agree, agree, agree. So many times we are allowing life to just pass us by. And at the speed! Woah the speed has really quickened. Thank you for the reminders to be present, enjoy and experience the now, and bring ourselves into our lives. I encourage and add that when we use our senses to feel, experience, and be we can enjoy that much more out of life. I love how you encourage one step-at-a-time. We can only make changes through baby steps. Have a great week!

    • Alicia-Joy says:

      Hi Elizabeth. Thank you and I am glad you liked this post. Being fully present and mindful is one of the keys to feeling joyful and on purpose. And I totally agree that using our senses is not just a technique, but a MUST to help us feel engaged minute by minute, day by day.

      Have a great week also. Love what you teach on your site: http://livingsublimewellness.com/

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