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Beyond Bedside Nursing; What’s Possible

Beyond Bedside Nursing; What’s Possible

Throughout your nursing career you will probably transition to different specialtes or positions.

I recently wrote an article all about getting back to the bedside for nurses who have been away from bedside nursing for a while.

On the other hand, if you have been thinking about making the transition to a nursing position that is not at the bedside, you may be wondering what is out there and what would be  a good fit for you.

I wondered the same thing when I transitioned into my first non bedside nursing position.

To help you make a decision, I have created an ebook that highlights many of the popular non bedside nursing positions (including 2 that I have had myself- Case Management and Nursing informatics).

The ebook is TOTALLY FUH-REE!!!!!

I was offering this eBook free for a limited time. It is now just $9.00. I decided to get a small compensation for the effort and work it took to compile the entire thing.

You can find out more about this eBook Guide: Beyond Bedside Nursing – How to find and land a non-bedside nursing job, by clicking here.


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